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The Palace of Westminster

180-Degrees-Open Pop up Origami Architecture DIY kit

西敏宮 (立體彈起)

This is a spectacular magical art for you to put together. It is made with paper entirely. The building design is base on the Palace of Westminster. It can be folded. It uses a unique designed interlocking system that no glue is applied (except two pieces are glued onto the baseboard).
Dimensions of the finished model: 25.78 inches or 65.5 cm in length / 11.64 inches or 29.6 cm in width / 10.28 inches or 26.1 cm in height (exclude baseboard).  

The download version includes a pdf file with instruction and patterns. The direct download link will be generated and forwarded to you shortly after you paid. No shipping charge.

The Palace of Westminster download version (#TPW01d)

Price:  9.99 CAD      

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